PTAC Frequently Asked Questions

Requesting a Patient MT Number

How do I obtain an MT number?

Login to the PTAC portal at https://www.hospitaltransfers.com/Transfer/home.aspx, select “Start New Transfer” and follow the steps (see image below). Faxes will no longer be accepted effective November 7, 2018.  If you do not have a PTAC account, refer to the ‘Accounts’ section.  Note that an email address is required to create a new account.

How does a facility request an MT number if they are unable to log into PTAC (i.e. no internet service, PTAC system is down, etc)?

Facilities will be required to obtain MT numbers exclusively online as telephone/fax requests will not be accepted after November 7, 2018. In the event of an internet outage which prevents facilities from logging onto the PTAC website, a transfer request may be processed over the phone by calling 1-866-869- PTAC(7822). PTAC users who do not have internet access should contact the appropriate individual(s)/department (PTAC Administrator, Manager, Information Technology, etc.) in their facility to obtain access.

Do Nursing Stations require an MT number?